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Your Settings

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General General Settings include:
- Email notifications
- Tooltips
- Declining challenges
- Time zone and daylight saving
| Adjournments Adjourn or Unadjourn your games. Adjourn your games if you are unable to make moves for an extended period. | Board Appearance Customise the board colours and choose from various chess piece graphics. | Site Colours/Layouts Choose the layout and colour scheme of the site | Account Account Settings include:
- Changing your email address
- Changing your password
| Subscription Upgrade or downgrade your account subscription

Email Notifications

? You can receive email notifications from ChesSOS when various events occur.

An email will be sent to you when...

It's your turn to move
You receive a challenge or a challenge you sent is declined
One of your games ends
There are announcements about the ChesSOS Site

Tool Tips

? Tool tips are the little boxes which pop up when you move your mouse over certain items on the page (This is a tooltip). You can control which tool tips appear or disable them completely (except for this one).

Note: Tooltips are not visible on mobile devices

Help Tips - Superscript question marks (like this ? This is an example of a help tooltip. ) on table headings etc.
Links - Tips which appear when you mouseover certain links (except usernames and moves)
Players - Mouseover player names to see basic statistics for that player.


Automatically decline challenges ? When set, challenges sent to you will be declined automatically.    Upgrade to auto-decline challenges

Clock Time Format

How the clock times are displayed on game pages and game lists.

Days,Hours,Minutes -> 5d 11h 22m
Days to 2 decimal places -> 5.67 d
Days to 3 decimal places -> 5.674 d

Time Zone

? Your time zone should be set correctly to ensure dates and times are displayed correctly in your local time. This affects the display of:
- Timestamps on moves
- Game start/end dates
- Adjournment times
When your time zone is correct, the current time (shown below the selector) will display your local time correctly.

Daylight Saving

The current time is: 2023-06-10 15:27:13

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