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Open Game Invitations

? Game invitations posted by all players. Click 'Play' to accept one of these invitations or click 'Cancel' to cancel a game you have posted yourself.

Type/Games ? Game Type:
Chess = Standard chess
FRC = Fischer Random Chess
'Games' is the number of games to be started with this opponent.
Rated ? Will the game result affect your rating? Poster/Rating ? The player who posted the game invitation and their current rating for this game type. T/C ? Time Control - Number of days allowed to make each move. Your Colour ? If you accept the invitation, you will play as this colour. 'Auto' means the colours will be allocated automatically based on the playing history of both players. 'Alt' means Alternating - for multi-game invitations you will be allocated equal numbers of white and black. Rating ? Your rating must be in this range to accept the invitation. Play/Cancel ? Click 'Play' to accept a game invitation posted by another player, or 'Cancel' an invitation you posted yourself. 'Can't Join' means you can not accept the invitation. Mouse-over the items in red to show the reasons you can't join.
FRC x 2 Yes orlysky Player: orlysky

Country: Philippines
Joined: 2010-09-30
Account type: Premium

Chess (rated)
  Rating: 1938
  W/L/D: 260/127/29
  Timeouts: 65

FRC (rated)
  Rating: 1882
  W/L/D: 80/36/15
  Timeouts: 8
14d/m Alt 1682 - 1882 Sign in to Play You must sign in to join a game.
Chess x 1 Yes AmareshCh Player: AmareshCh

Country: Not Specified
Joined: 2020-04-01
Account type: Basic

Chess (rated)
  Rating: 1500
  W/L/D: 0/0/0
  Timeouts: 0

FRC (rated)
  Rating: 1500
  W/L/D: 0/0/0
  Timeouts: 0
1d/m Auto Any Rating Sign in to Play You must sign in to join a game.

Create a New Game

? Post your own game invitaion. It will appear in the list of open games (above) and also in your 'Pending Games' list (on the 'Your Games' page).

1. Choose an Opponent (optional)

Invitation type: ? Post an open game invitation. It will appear in the 'Open Game Invitations' list, or challenge a particular player.    Upgrade to send challenges
Rating range: Specify a rating range for your opponent with values relative to your rating.
Minimum range is 200 points.

From:       To: ? Allow opponents only with ratings in this range relative to your own rating

2. Choose Game Details

Game type: ? Choose between standard chess or Fischer Random - where the pieces start in a random configuration.
Ratings: ? Unrated games are more causual as they do not affect either player's rating.
Time control: ? Time Control - Number of days allowed to make each move.    Upgrade to access all time controls
Number Of Games: ? Choose the number of games to play with the same opponent. If you select 2 or more games, the colours are set to 'Alternating' (equal numbers of black/white).     Your Colour:  ? Do you want to play with the white pieces or the black pieces? As white has a slight advantage (by moving first) it is considered unfair to play an excess of games as white. By choosing 'Automatic' the system will try to allocate you equal numbers of games with each colour over time.
If you choose a number of games greater than 1, then 'Alternating' colours (equal white/black) is automatically selected.
   Upgrade to post multi-game invitations or select your colour

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