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Tool Tips

Note: Tooltips may be disabled in Settings and are not displayed on mobile devices due to limited screen space.

Tool-tips are small boxes which display useful information about the function of various links, icons or buttons. Hover your mouse pointer over something on the page and in many cases a 'tool-tip' will appear on the page at the top right explaining what that item does. Tool-tips are always displayed in the same area (top right) on the page so that they do not obscure the page content. Here are some examples:
Hovering the mouse over your username, or the name of another user, displays basic information about that user.
Hovering your mose over the 'Settings' icon displays a summary of the available settings.
In some cases where an item is not clickable (such as table headings), a quesion mark (?) appears next to the item. Hover your mouse over this '?' to display the tool-tip for the item.