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Site Re-Design

The new ChesSOS site is now open to all users. Click here for an overview of the new site.

Zurich Chess Challenge 2015 - February 13-19

The Zurich Chess Challenge is being held in Zurich, from February 13th to 19th. View the live video coverage below or follow the games on the events page. Games begin each day at 14:00 GMT.

Turn-based Chess

At ChesSOS you can play turn-based (correspondence-style) chess taking from one to several days for each move. In turn-based chess you can play many games simultaneously and make your moves at any time of the day or night.

Fischer Random Chess

ChesSOS also supports Fischer Random (also known as Chess960) in which the piece starting positions are randomized. Learn about it here.

What does it cost?

ChesSOS is currently completely free.

Paid memberships may be introduced in the future. Users who register now, including pre-existing members of the old site, will never be charged. Click here to register and secure a free lifetime membership.

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